Vigil For Orlando Victims Held at Miami Beach Church, Calls For Unity

The Miami Bach Community Church opened their doors to the community Sunday wanting everyone to know it is a safe place.

At the the oldest church in Miami Beach you can see the drawings on the walls, showing support and solidarity for the Orlando community.

Drawings cover the walls outside of the Miami Beach Community Church. Forty nine tears is written on one spot, recognizing the 49 people killed and 53 injured in the brutal attack at Pulse nightclub.

Herb Sosa is a member of this church and also serves as the president and founder of the Unity Coalition. Sosa lost friends and colleagues in the Orlando massacre. Sitting in the pew listening to the names of each shooting victim one by one comes with all sorts of emotions.

"It's impacted my community, my Latino community, my LGBT community and really just all of us," said Sosa

Pastor Harold Thompson is pushing for our communities to honor those who lost their lives and the loved ones they leave behind by surrendering their guns to the Miami Beach Police Department, who set up a booth right outside.

Thompson said: "This is not a second amendment issue. This is a faith issue about how we live in a peaceful world. Rhetoric about owning guns and assault rifles that might sound great politically, but it moves us further away from the teachings of Jesus Christ."

Some visitors stopped by looking for a shoulder to lean on, saying you can only do so much on your own.

Many gathered in lighting candles, joining hands and coming together in prayer; drawing strength, hope and encouragement from others.

Sosa added: "I refuse to be fearful. I refuse to be fearful. The fact that I'm standing here that I'm standing here on Lincoln Road; the fact that I'm at this service and put my self out there, you have to."

The Miami Bach Community Church will have events focused on honoring the victims throughout this week.

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