Wanted: Foster Parents for Miami Kittens

Here's a chance to add some prime cuteness to your home!

Foster moms and dads are needed for more than 80 kittens who are in need of temporary homes from the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

The organization says the sheer number of kittens being brought to the shelter in need of foster homes is growing daily, so they're reaching out to encourage more families to consider fostering the kittens until they're ready for adoption.

They currently have more than 110 kittens in the foster program, but need to find homes for more than 80 now.

Most of these kittens are already eating on their own and are properly trained to use the litter box, but shelter life simply does not compare to the love and warmth a foster home can provide.

The Humane Society will provide all necessary food and supplies to that foster families can focus on providing the love and affection that will help these kittens grow.

For more information or to get involved, call (305) 749-1821, email, or visit The Humane Society of Greater Miami on the web.

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