Woman's Abduction Was Related to Domestic Violence: Police

An incident where a South Florida woman's abduction was captured on camera has been determined by police to be related to domestic violence.  

According to Miami Police, the woman was found safe Sunday and is in good condition. Detectives are now following up on the investigation. 

Neither the woman nor the man in the video have been identified. 

According to officials, the incident happened Friday at a tire shop located at the 2300 block of Northwest 36th Street.

"She asked us like, 'Hide me! Hide me! He's going to kill me! Call 911," said one witness on Saturday. "He was screaming a lot of times. Like, 'I'll give you five seconds! Five... four."

Cameras caught the woman rushing toward two men standing outside of a tire shop. The men said she was visibly upset and ran inside to hide in a restroom. But less than a minute later, a man drove up to the scene. Thats when you see the woman being forcibly pushed towards the car. 

"It appears that in the video, he has his arms wrapped around her neck as he forces her inside the vehicle," said Officer Kiara Delva of Miami Police. 

Anyone with information on this incident that can help police with their investigation are urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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