Woman Charged With Killing Miami Cop Boyfriend Testifies at ‘Stand Your Ground' Hearing

The woman charged in the shooting death of her police officer boyfriend took the stand Wednesday at a "Stand Your Ground" hearing.

Tiniko Thompson under oath described the sound of a gunshot and admitted she killed Miami Police Officer Carl Patrick, she says in self-defense.

"His left foot slipped and his hand went up off the gun and I held onto the gun and I fired a shot," she said.

But that wasn't her story when interviewed exclusively by NBC 6 just days after the incident last May. And the prosecutor called Thompson on that Wednesday.

"On your interview with NBC 6 to Willard Shepard that you were adamant that you are not the person that shot him," the prosecutor said.

"I believe I said the gun went 'pow,'" she said.

Attorney Rod Vareen said the shooting was unintentional, and that Patrick was to blame.

"This was an unintentional shooting, and at the end of the day he pulled the trigger," Vareen said.

Thompson and Patrick lived together in Pembroke Pines. She said he beat and abused her and now says she killed him, with his gun, while they were fighting. Thompson, then a Miami Police public service aide, claims Patrick had the gun in her mouth, feared for her life and wrestled the gun away and killed him.

Vareen is arguing the case against Thompson should be dismissed, based on Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. Prosecutors disagree and have charged her with murder.

Several Miami Police officers are expected to testify. The judge will decide if this case moves forward or not.

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