Woman Claims She Gave $2 Million to South Florida Psychic Who Accused Lindsay Lohan of Assault

A woman who gave more than $2 million to a South Florida psychic said she began to doubt her after the fortune teller falsely accused Lindsay Lohan of an assault at a nightclub.

Stacy Caputo claims she gave Tiffany Ava Mitchell the money during visits to the medium's Palm Beach and West Palm Beach businesses over a span of five years, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Caputo said she began visiting "Ava" in 2007 and was convinced that she had to give her money away to God and for charitable work to clear "negativity and "bad energy" from her life.

"It was more than $2 million I gave her," Caputo told the Sun-Sentinel. "I'd give her whatever I was told she needed...but I never asked for receipts and I never questioned what charitable causes the money was going to."

But she began to question things when she saw "Ava" on a celebrity gossip show in November 2012, accusing Lohan of hitting her in a Manhattan nightclub. Police later cleared Lohan, saying footage from the club showed no assault.

"I started asking her for receipts," said Caputo, now 45. "'Show me what you did with the money' — I really thought there would be a homeless shelter with my name over the door...She just said she had to pray on it, but she never gave me any receipts and she never explained where the money went."

A woman who said she was Mitchell's assistant told the Sun-Sentinel she was unable to contact Mitchell.

Caputo reported the incident to the Palm Beach Police Department but was referred to West Palm Beach Police, who she said told her that the allegations were too weak to pursue a criminal case.

"Ava said she was giving it to God and God would give it back to me," said Caputo. "We can't prove that she didn't give it to God."

Now she fears she'll never get the money back.

"It's a shameful type of thing to admit, but I don't think I have a legal leg to stand on to get that money back," said Caputo. "If people are more aware of this, they'll be less likely to get taken."

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