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NBC 6 Responds: Woman Gets Refund for Faulty Washer

A South Florida mom gets results after contacting NBC 6 Responds. Patricia Rivera says she bought an LG washing machine from Lowe’s in May of 2015. She paid about $518 for the washer and an extra $110 for a 5-year extended warranty through Lowe’s.

At first she says the washer worked really well, but a few months in, she started having issues.

"I contacted the Lowe’s extended warranty service that I had purchased with the washing machine and they sent an authorized representative who came to repair the washing machine," Rivera said.

Rivera provided us with copies showing three separate visits from a local appliance repair company.

"When they came back out to re-service it they had to come out and replace every single part of the washing machine," she says.

Frustrated, Rivera sent a letter to LG in April, asking for a refund but she says she never heard back from the manufacturer. With a toddler at home, Rivera says she needed a washer that would get the job done. So she hauled the machine to her living room and purchased a new one. Then she called NBC 6 Responds. Our team took a different approach – reaching out to Lowe’s. The retailer looked into the situation and offered to give Rivera a refund.

"I never contacted Lowe’s. I didn’t think they were an option," Rivera said. "Lowe’s is wonderful. They’re a model for customer service and if I ever had to purchase anything again, it would be at Lowe’s with their extended warranty.”

"Thank you to NBC 6 Responds for actually responding to an issue and a problem that I, as a consumer, had and couldn’t get anywhere with," she added.

Lowe’s sent us a statement saying the extended protection plan Rivera had purchased covered the problems she encountered. It goes on to say, "Lowe’s stands behind the products and services we sell and we were happy to resolve her concerns."

Rivera’s situation is a good reminder that if you have a problem, don’t limit your complaint to one company. Get a hold of any company involved in your purchase.

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