South Florida Woman Goes Homeless on Purpose

Te-Erika Patterson will live in a park until 30 South Florida businesses agree to participate in a job fair

Would you give up everything you had just to help someone else gain?

That's exactly what a Hollywood woman is doing by becoming homeless -- and it's her choice.

Te-Erika Patterson says she's acting on a vision.

"I won't know until I try, and that's exactly what I’m going to do," Patterson said.

Her home is empty.
She's given her clothes to charity. All she has is a small duffel bag and a camera.

"This is all that's left of my wardrobe,” she said pointing to an empty closet.
"As I move out today, I’m going to videotape myself leaving, closing the door for the last time."

Patterson is becoming homeless on purpose, and f
or her, taking to the streets is personal. After overcoming her own obstacles, Patterson feels this project will not only help others find hope but also embrace their fears. Her target is people who need a push, particularly women held back by life's circumstances.

"It keeps them stuck in an office when they don't want to be in an office. It keeps them hurting in a relationship that's hurting them…because they don't want to imagine themselves on the side of the road. That is their biggest fear. It keeps them captive,” Patterson said.

She will live in a park until 30 South Florida businesses agree to participate in a job fair to hire those she said need work the most but lack the confidence to do it themselves. By losing herself, she's encouraging others to live.

"We can stand together. We can stand up and we can provide the help we need to the people in our communities and they're a part of us," she said.

Patterson is teaming up with "The Homeless Voice Shelter" on this project, which also seeks to help struggling women pay rent. If you'd like to donate or if you're a business owner that wants to help hire homeless workers, contact the shelter at
954-92-HELP-1. You can also reach Patterson on her website.

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