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Women Drugged and Robbed Miami Beach Tourist, Went on Spending Spree: Cops

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Two women are facing charges after police said they drugged and robbed a Miami Beach tourist, racking up thousands of dollars on his credit and debit cards during a spending spree.

Elizabeth Labbe, 19, and Kimberly Ann Lebron-Martinez, 20, are facing numerous charges including robbery, grand theft, fraudulent use of identification, and unlawful possession of a stolen credit card, according to arrest reports.

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Elizabeth Labbe and Kimberly Ann Lebron-Martinez

The reports said the victim, a tourist visiting from Texas, was approached early Friday in the 1000 block of Collins Avenue by the women, who asked him if he wanted to go get drinks at a bar.

The man said he wasn't interested in drinking but would join them, so they went to the bar where the women had some drinks.

A short time later they left, picked up some White Claw drinks, and headed to Collins Park along 21st Street.

The tourist told police Lebron-Martinez handed him a cup filled with a beverage which he drank, and said he immediately felt as if he had been drugged and lost consciousness, the reports said.

When he woke up hours later the women were gone along with a number of his personal items, including his debit and credit cards, his $10,000 Omega Seamaster watch, his Apple iPhone 12, his $4,000 gold chain, $3,000 in cash, the keys to his Audi rental and $250 Yeezy sneakers, the reports said.

Over the next 16 hours, the women allegedly went on spending spree, making multiple fraudulent transactions with the man's credit and debit cards, as well as his Apple Pay and Zelle accounts, in excess of $15,000, the reports said.

Police later found Lebron-Martinez and Labbe, who were wearing the same clothes they had on when they were at the bar with the victim as seen in surveillance footage, the reports said.

When she was questioned by detectives, Lebron-Martinez admitted to everything, saying she put a mixture of crushed Xanax and water into the victim's drink, the reports said.

Both women were booked into jail Monday, and attorney information wasn't available.

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