Raccoons Caught on Camera Trying to Bust Into NYC Chinese Restaurant

Staff members at one Bronx Chinese restaurant had a hard time shooing off a couple of would-be diners who wouldn't quit hanging around Thursday night.

Video posted to Facebook Thursday shows a pair of large raccoons hanging from a wire door inside the New Chinatown restaurant on Bronxwood Avenue in Wakefield as a worker inside tries to pry them away with a broom. 

The Facebook user who uploaded the video said that she had stopped at the restaurant after spending time upstate and ignored a noise from overhead as she placed an order. 

When she left, her little brother ran out and she saw the raccoons hanging from the door, she posted. That's where the footage begins, showing two workers using a broomstick to try to pry the rodents off of a grated door. After about 30 seconds, one falls and runs out of the front door as people outside scream.

The second one is forced out a few seconds later, trotting out more slowly than his masked companion.

The video has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

The user later posted a second video where she says, "This raccoon food tastes dummy good" as she eats takeout, apparently from the restaurant. 

The restaurant, which appears to have an "A" grade from the city Department of Health, declined to comment on the video. 

Another man who saw the workers trying to get the raccoons to leave said it wasn't the first time the pesky rodents had turned up in the neighborhood, but Thursday's incident made for a strange scene.

"Scary stuff," he said. "I know I'm not eating here anymore."

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