Larry David Calls Donald Trump ‘a Racist' on ‘SNL'

Larry David jokes he thought heckling Trump would get him $5,000.

"Saturday Night Live" didn't shy away from the controversy over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hosting the show amid protests over his past remarks about Mexicans and immigration—addressing it head-on in the monologue.

"You're a racist. Trump's a racist," Larry David said in a cameo. 

Dozens of demonstrators had marched through New York City with signs saying "Dump Trump" and "Racism is not a joke" hours before the live "SNL" show started. Some of the protesters said Trump's statements about immigration and mass deportation are racist and offensive.

But the show went on with Trump saying, "Many of the greats have hosted this show -- like me in 2004."

"People think I'm controversial, but the truth is I'm a really nice guy," he added. 

Trump was joined by impersonators donning blonde wigs and red ties including former "SNL" cast member Darrell Hammond, who first played the real estate mogul in the early 2000s, and Taran Killam. The difference between the cast and Trump? The actors "don't have my talent, my money, or especially my good looks," he said.

Off stage, the crowd heard a shout then the camera cut to David, who played Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the show's cold open.

After Trump asked David what he was doing, the comedian responded that he thought yelling that Trump being a racist would get him $5,000.

"I'm a businessman, I can respect that," Trump mused. 

Earlier in the week, a Latino group had reportedly offered to pay an audience member $5,000 to heckle Trump by calling him a racist.

The bit was the first of several sketches referencing Trump's views on immigration.

The next skit flashed forward to 2018 with Trump as president. Trump was handed a check from Mexico's president and told "as history shows us, nothing brings two countries together like a wall." Trump thanked him for "changing Telemundo to all English for me."

Trump's daughter Ivanka later appeared in the sketch.  

On a less political note, Trump also appeared in a recreation of Drake's popular music video "Hotline Bling." The remix called out to dads, teachers and "tax guys" (played by Trump) to dance like Drake did in the viral video. Trump even took a try at a few licks of the popular song, singing, "You used to call me on my cellphone."

"Weekend Update" brought back an old favorite, Drunk Uncle, played by Brian Moynihan, who called himself Trump's "number one fan."

"Someone is finally saying the things that I've been thinking and saying," Drunk Uncle said about Trump.  "He's perfect. He's a big old beautiful monopoly man."

After Drunk Uncle went on a belligerent rant about hover-board and flaxseeds, he jabbed at the most sensitive topic of the night, amid the protests outside the studio building.

"He's my president because he's finally going to get rid of every single one of them..."

"Don't say it!" Weekend Update host, Colin Jost interrupted.

"Crime Colin. I was going to say crime," Drunk Uncle said. "Created by immigrants!" 

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