Man Facing Battery Charge Curses, Flips Off Judge

Judge withstands profanity-laced tirade from man who flipped her the finger, grabbed his crotch

A Miami-Dade judge kept her cool when a man facing a battery charge repeatedly cursed her out, gave her the middle finger and grabbed his crotch during a bond court appearance Wednesday.

Jodel Leveille, 24, appeared before Judge Ellen Sue Venzer to face charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and criminal mischief, jail records showed.

Clad in orange prison garb, Leveille appeared calm until Venzer ruled there was probable cause for the battery charge, when he began a profanity-laced tirade.

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"F--- you, judge," Leveille yelled, before flipping the judge the bird, grabbing his crotch and telling her to die.

Leveille claimed he was stabbed by a woman he had a restraining order against and when officers arrived they beat him. Venzer asked him to calm down, but Leveille refused.

"I ain't gonna calm down, they beat the hell out of me," he said. "You can't judge me."

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"You know what I'm gonna do, Mr. Leveille," Venzer said.

"I don't care what you do, you can go to hell for what I care," Leveille replied.

Venzer reset the appearance to the afternoon.

"I'm gonna give you an opportunity to calm down, Mr. Leveille," she said.

Records showed Leveille was being held on $11,500 bond. It was unknown whether he has an attorney.

The incident was reminiscent of 18-year-old Penelope Soto's appearance before Miami-Dade Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat in early February, where she was sentenced to 30 days for flipping him the bird. The sentence was later reduced after Soto apologized.

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