Community Gathers to Remember Teen Killed in Shelton Shooting

The Shelton High School Community gathered Sunday night to remember Kristjan Ndoj.

"I walk into fourth period and I don't see him, and it's just an empty seat now," said Janaya Morris.

Morris and many other Shelton High Students are still struggling to cope with the violent death of Ndoj, someone Morris says always reached out to help others.

"He was a loving, caring person. He'd care about anybody, even if you were mean to him," said Morris. "We didn't expect it was going to be Kristjan. He was so innocent. It was just shocking."

It's been one week since police found the 15-year-old shot twice in a quiet Shelton neighborhood after riding his bike to a friend's house. He died Thursday at Bridgeport Hospital. No arrests have been made.

"I knew that this was going to be much more than I could manage myself," said Shelton High School Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith. "I knew I needed to seek the assistance of people out in the community for this."

That's why Dr. Smith organized an interfaith gathering at the school. Members of the clergy offered their guidance and words of comfort as they all try to make sense of such a loss.

"You really have to let them know that it's okay to be sad, that it's okay at some point in time to be angry and just go through all those feelings of the grieving process and just be there to assist them," said Dr. Smith.

In dealing with the tragedy, students are already looking to assist others. They'll fill a bulletin board with the random acts of kindness done in his memory. They hope their small acts show Kristjan's life may have been short, but it was worth a lot.

"It's still showing that he was somebody and not just nothing in this world," said Morris.

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