Box Office King Cliff Clavin Back for “Toy Story 3”

The top 100 box office movie stars of all time include the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hanks, Eddie Murphy, Harrison Ford and John Ratzenberger.
Yes, Ratzenberger is in elite company primarily due to his appearances in every Pixar movie, including "Toy Story 3." Still, Ratzenberger assures us that he's not tallying the numbers.

"I have other things to do," he tells PopcornBiz.. "It was a journalist that made me aware of it, and that was only recently. I had no idea."

He says it with a shrug, but one website tallies the worldwide gross to all his movies, including the 11 Pixars, at near $7 billion.

The actor who made his name as postman Cliff Claven on "Cheers" insists he never plays hard to get when Pixar calls for a film. As a result, Pixar easily had their box office lucky charm once again with Ratzenberger replaying his role of Hamm once again in the movie opening Friday.

"I'd do their gardening for them," he says. "If they asked me to do carpentry for them,  I'd do it. When they call, I just show up."

Of course, he does have his moment's of box office swagger. During the Pixar press day, Ratzenberger and co-star Michael Keaton (playing Ken) talked about gardening to each other during a press conference, ignoring Jodi Benson (Barbie) as she tried to answer a question abut the movie.

Finally Benson reached her limit. "Are we interrupting your conversation?" she chirped.

You go Barbie. Sometimes even box office titans need to be put into their place.

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