Sandra Bullock’s Oscar Speech Reference To George Clooney Explained

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Sandra Bullock thanked a lot of people during her Best Actress acceptance speech at the Oscars – including George Clooney.

"The Blind Side" actress offered her kudos to those who have been nice and mean to her throughout her career, lumping Gentleman George in the latter group.

"George Clooney threw me in a pool years ago," she said on the Kodak Theatre stage. "I'm still holding a grudge."

But what was behind the reference?

"It [happened] at a friend's house at a nice formal dinner," she told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson on Sunday night at the Governor's Ball, following her big Oscar win. "Need I say more?"

Sandra didn't want to recount the tale though, instead reveling in her post-Oscar glow.

"You need to talk to them," she said, referring to the pool incident, which involved not only George, but Tom Cruise.

In fact, the incident took place in 2000 at Joel Schumacher's birthday.

Sandra told InStyle magazine in 2005 that she was at the "A Time To Kill's" director's birthday party and he didn't' "look happy enough."

And Sandra suggested she cheer up, by telling him, "You're going in the pool, Joel."

George and Tom appeared to get involved, taking off their shirts and shoes and suggesting they would hit the water too. Instead, as the group stood on the pool's edge, it was just Sandra who ended up in.

"I was wearing this little Valentino slip dress that I'd spent way too much on. I went to the edge, Tom on my left, George on my right, and they said, 'One, two, three…' I remember Nicole [Kidman] standing there with a stack of towels – and the fact that Joel was holding a camera should have been a clue," Sandra said at the time. "As I leaped, I remember two masculine hands letting go."

"The pictures are hilarious," Sandra added. "All you see is movie star teeth laughing, and me getting out of the pool like some drowned Yorkie. And Nicole going [stewardess voice], 'Towel?'"

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