Shania Twain's Stalker Arrested

The Toronto police department did their best to ensure that singer Shania Twain's induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards went off without a hitch - by apprehending her accused stalker.

Just moments before Twain was to take the stage, police took 50 year-old audience member Dr. Giovanni Palumbo into custody. Dr. Palumbo had been ordered to stay at least 500 yards from the singer after being accused of stalking her.

A police detective told the Toronto Sun that one of Twain's people spotting Dr. Palumbo in the crowd and alerted authorities. Palumbo was arrested without incident.

"He said he just wanted to meet her," said Det. Michael Jander. 

According to the Sun the doctor's medical license had been suspended but then was re-instated after he spent time at the Royal Ottawa Hospital as a mental health patient. On March 7, he appeared in court in response to criminal harassment charges involving Twain - but the singer was unable to appear in court and the charges against him were dropped.

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