Sunday Morning Tailgate: Fantasy Football Chat Circa 10:30 AM Eastern

Cher is not dead.

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It's that time again ... if you have fantasy questions we haven't answered yet with our positional rankings for this week, feel free to check in.

If you are worried about injuries and want the latest updates, pop on in.

Or, you know, if you just like our friendly banter, come on down and take part.

We'll be taking this baby all the way up to the 1:00 kickoffs, so there's no pressure to join in when we start bright and early (for some of us 10:30 on a Sunday is early).

Hey, maybe someone will take the time to come tell us we're all losers ... or more people will ask if we like Jonathan Stewart this week (an emphatic yes).

You never know, for when it's the Sunday Morning Tailgate, FanHouse owns. I'll now commence with the obligatory ... "bring your green hat."

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