Tuesday Watch List: Glee And God

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and add butter to your oatmeal. If you’re eating your oatmeal every morning this winter without a giant pat of butter on top, you are missing out on ECSTASY. LET’S GO!

GLEE – 8:00PM (FOX) Ryan Murphy promises tonight’s episode of the musical hit will be the most controversial episode ever aired. And that’s because this one tackles Jesus and religion. Oh, yes. It’s the “Grilled Cheesus” episode, in which Finn sees Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich, causing the rest of the glee club to confront their feelings about God. Very heavy stuff, unless you include the four thousand musical numbers. This week’s songs include “Losing My Religion,” a song I dislike so immensely I want to put my head into an oven at the mere thought of its opening chords. And that Joan Osborne song gets the Glee treatment too. Man, is THAT an annoying song. It’s like one giant annoying songapalooza. ANTICIPATION: JESUS WOULDN’T LISTEN TO R.E.M.!

THE BIGGEST LOSER – 8:00PM (NBC) Anna Kournikova stops by, presumably to remind all the male contestants that they have no shot with her. And how fitting that a lady who never managed to win a major tennis title would appear on a show with this title. ANTICIPATION: BLONDE!

30 FOR 30: FOUR DAYS IN OCTOBER – 8:00PM (ESPN) ESPN’s documentary series revisits the 2004 Red Sox and their comeback from being down 0-3 against the hated Yankees in the ALCS. Because Red Sox fans just didn’t get anywhere near enough mileage out of 2004. There are cows in Kansas that haven’t been milked this aggressively. ANTICIPATION: OW-AH TITLE IS BETTAH THAN YOUR-AH TITLE!

MAKING HISTORY – 9:00PM (History Channel) Say, do you like history? I bet you do. Say, do you like historical reenactments? No? You say they automatically make any historical documentary feel sixty times cheesier? Oh, well then. You may not like this new show, in which filmmakers are asked to recreate history with no budget, a green screen, and homemade props. Because dramatizations are always more fun when they look REALLY cheap. Tonight’s subject is, you guessed it, HITLER. Who else would it be? Expect lots of shoe polish mustaches. ANTICIPATION: HITLERY!

106 & PARK: TEN YEARS AND COUNTING – 10:00PM (BET) BET’s #1 show celebrates its ten year anniversary tonight, with this retrospective of all the Hype Williams videos they’ve shown that have helped set African American culture back a solid two decades. No word on if Kanye will show up pushin’ a Benz. ANTICIPATION: DRAMA!

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