Your ACA Questions Answered

Consumers and employers can find answers to many of their questions about the Affordable Care Act at a government website.

The federal government wants millions of Americans to enroll in the new state healthcare exchanges available as a key part of the Affordable Care Act. The challenge is to make sure that the 1,000-page law doesn't overwhelm people with its complexity.

Use the following FAQ as a starting point to answer your ACA-related questions. 

In addition, the government has set up a website,, to explain the law's provisions and answer many of the most pressing questions from consumers and employers. 

For consumers, the place to start is the Individuals and Families page.  Business owners should go straight to the Small Businesses page.

The government site also includes a launch page that leads consumers to their state's online marketplace.

The Affordable Care Act's goal is to slash the ranks of the uninsured by making it easier for people to find reasonably priced coverage. The major provision -- that most Americans must have health insurance -- goes into effect Jan. 1. To make that happen, the law provides for the creation of online marketplaces, where consumers can shop for insurance that meets their needs and budget. Those exchanges began operating Oct. 1.

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