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Radio Host Freed After Wild West Town Hall

Radio show host nearly causes riot at GOP town hall meeting



    Radio Host Freed After Wild West Town Hall
    Nicole Sandler

    Hosting a radio show doesn't mean people always want to hear what you have to say.

    Nicole Sandler found that out the hard way Tuesday when she was arrested for allegedly turning Congressman Allen West's town hall meeting into a scene from the Wild, Wild West.

    Sandler, who broadcasts her radio show on and used to host an Air America show, was charged with trespassing after she refused to leave the meeting when asked by police in attendance.

    She bonded out Wednesday afternoon after nearly 17 hours locked up.

    Sandler, 51, was among several in attendance at a church in North Lauderdale critical of West's stance on Medicare and his explanation of the Republican Party's ideas.

    The unruly meeting can be seen in this clip posted on YouTube.

    West actually never got a chance to explain to Sandler his views because the upset woman would not let him talk. 

    Sandler's behavior "caused many of the audience members to enter into a verbal altercation...that threatened to become physical," a police report stated.

    Sandler was asked to leave "no less than a dozen times" before she was finally placed in handcuffs and taken to the Broward County jail.

    But the war between West and Sandler might continue this week.

    On her Twitter page, Sandler tweeted her boyfriend is going to the Republican congressman's town hall in Boca Raton on Thursday.

    "I hope I don't have to bail him out tomorrow!" Sandler wrote.