Levi's Mom Loves Pretty Pink Handcuffs

"That's pretty!" the mom of hockey hunk Levi Johnston cooed

The mom of hockey hunk Levi Johnston may be headed to prison -- but at least she's doing it in style.

Sherry Johnston, 43, will likely face three years in an Alaska jail after pleading guilty Wednesday to one count of possession of the painkiller OxyContin. But Sarah Palin's would-be in-law appeared too enamoured with her newest accessory to fret about her time in the clink, according to the Anchorage Daily News

"That's pretty!" Johnston cooed as cops slapped pink handcuffs on her wrists to lead her away to prison.

The colorful cuffs were a gift from an Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose trademark is using pink cuffs and provided inmates pink boxer shorts.

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