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LeBron Squashes Lil' Beef With Head Nod

Lebron James buckles to Lil Wayne's pressure



    LeBron Squashes Lil' Beef With Head Nod

    Before LeBron James ever scored his 41 points to lead the Miami Heat to a comeback win last night, he scored a victory of sorts in the streets.

    James went from villain to good guy, in Lil' Wayne's eyes at least, with a little head nod to the rapper during Tuesday's game versus Indiana at AmericanAirlines Arena.

    Weezy sat courtside as he usually does, but he had complained publicly that he had beef with Dwyane Wade and James because they don't personally greet him before tip off.

    Lebron went above and beyond to appease the Young Money CEO and gave him a shout out near the end of the first quarter after the star showed up fashionably late to take his courtside seat.

    So it appears James is in Weezy's good graces again, but what about D-Wade?

    When asked during a postgame interview if the Lil' Wayne beef was cooked, the dynamic duo appeared to have a difference of opinion.

    "I don't know. That's a question you gotta ask him," James said. "We just, for all the fans that come watch us play... we just try to do our job and win ball games."

    Wade appeared to be taken aback at the notion that James had acknowledged Lil' Wayne acting like a lil' baby on the sidelines.

    "You did?" Wade asked James.

    "Did I?" James retorted before the Heat PR guy moved questioning along.

    We just so happened to catch up with Weezy about the little riff, and he seemed to be satisfied with the LeBron head nod.

    "Oh, yeah," he said.

    Not sure if that means Wayne is on the Heat bandwagon again, but at least this might stop that diss record from being leaked on the streets.