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Marlins Fall To 5.5 Back With 30 Games Left

The Marlins lost more ground in the Wild Card race on Thursday without even taking the field



    Marlins Fall To 5.5 Back With 30 Games Left
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    Mike Redmond has his Marlins in playoff contention

    The Miami Marlins fell further back in the Wild Card race on Thursday despite it being an off-day for the team.

    After dropping two in a row to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Marlins entered Thursday sitting five back in the Wild Card standings. A win by the San Francisco Giants however made that deficit even larger as it now stands at 5.5 games.

    The column that ends up mattering is the loss column as those can not be made up. When taking a look at that, Miami is five back of San Francisco. The Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates sit between the teams as well.

    With 30 games left on the schedule, Miami has a chance to make the playoffs but it won't be easy. Leapfrogging multiple teams and making up the ground they need to make up is a difficult task. A 2-4 start to the road trip has not helped matters either.

    While losses to the Angels are expected, losing two of three to the Colorado Rockies was a big blow for the Marlins. The Rockies are one of the worst teams in baseball and are depleted with injuries. It was crucial for Miami to take the series and they failed to do so.

    Miami will now head into Atlanta for a three-game weekend set. This could be a make or break series for the Marlins as they can't afford to lose ground to the Braves who are currently four games ahead of them. It's a lot to ask in terms of a sweep on the road but it is possibly what the Marlins will end up needing.

    After finishing in Atlanta, Miami will head home for a series with the New York Mets and another series with the Braves.