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Wade to Lead Free Agent Pow Wow

Joe Johnson? Really?



    Wade to Lead Free Agent Pow Wow
    Dwyane Wade

    If the upper class of 2010 NBA free agency were the Knights of the Round Table, then Dwyane Wade is taking the role of King Arthur.

    Wade, LeBron James and Joe Johnson, who all will be among the most sought after players come July 1, are expected to pow wow soon to determine where each, if not all together, will play next season.

    We know what you're thinking. "Joe Johnson? Really?"

    Well, what you really should be thinking is can the Miami Heat nab all three in what would be the coup of the century.

    It's unclear where the meeting will take place or if other free agent stars will answer D-Wade's call to arms like Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Bosh or Carlos Boozer (Amare Stoudemire is kind of busy in L.A. at the moment). But this seems like the perfect opportunity for Flash to extol the virtues of playing basketball in a tropical climate with lots of eye candy.

    "I know one thing about Miami: It is a very loyal organization. I see what they do with their players when their players get done with the game of basketball ... how loyal they are," Wade told the Chicago Tribune.

    The Heat's All-World guard also took the opportunity to punch his hometown in the gut, questioning the Chicago Bulls' loyalty to players that might see it as a top free agent destination. Score two more points for the Heat, who could become in locked in a bidding and PR war with the Bulls for King James and other top stars.

    So this could either be a huge sell job by Wade - a sign he is dedicated to the Heat. Or the biggest screw job of all time.

    "A lot of decisions (will be based on) what other players are willing to do and what other guys want to do," Wade said. "So it's not just a 'me' situation here. We all have to look and see what each other is thinking."