Kaillie Humphries

Kaillie Humphries' Family, Dog Party Ahead of Her Olympic Monobob Runs

Humphries' family is excited to see her race for gold in red, white and blue


Kaillie Humphries’ family, friends and dog are ready to watch her go for a third Olympic gold medal.

Humphries will make her final runs in the inaugural Olympic women’s monobob competition at the 2022 Beijing Games on Sunday. The two-time Olympic gold medalist holds a 1.04-second lead over Canada’s Christine de Bruin in second place.

While Humphries won her first two medals representing Canada, she is competing for Team USA in Beijing. Based on the scenes from her family’s party in Carlsbad, Calif., everyone is excited to see her in red, white and blue.

Humphries' dog, Duchess, is a 5-year-old golden doodle decked out in U.S. colors.

Image credit: Ilana Taub
Image credit: Ilana Taub

Duchess isn't the only dog rooting for Humphries:

Image credit: Ilana Taub
Image credit: Ilana Taub

Along with the dogs, Humphries' husband, Travis, is rooting from afar:

Image credit: Ilana Taub

The final runs of the women's monobob begin at 8:30 p.m. ET on Sunday.

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