Cole Hamels Explains Why Mets are “Chokers”

Earlier this offseason Cole Hamels called the Mets "choke artists" because of their consecutive September collapses. But what do those words really mean? One man's art is another man's abomination, so how can we know if we have the same aesthetic viewpoint as Hamels? 

Thankfully, Hamels addressed that question during an interview on the radio in Philadelphia.

“The word choke means you weren’t able to fully come through when you were supposed to. I think the Mets had the top teams, they pretty much had the championships in the bag and they weren’t able to come through.  A lot of guys will perceive them as choking in the end and not fulfilling their end of the bargain because they should have taken it.  You know what, it really does show the strength and hard work and I guess the deep down guts that we have to take it away from them.”

It's impossible to argue with the fact that the Mets choked the last two Septembers. It's also impossible to argue with the fact that Mike Tyson made a big mistake when he didn't train for his fight with Buster Douglas. Or that New Coke wasn't a very good idea. Or how maybe Custer was a bit overconfident at Little Big Horn. At some point, though, everyone moved on and started talking about other things.

It's time for Hamels to do the same. You won MVP awards in the World Series and NLCS, you're the current Sports Illustrated cover boy and are married to a woman who was deemed worthy of a spread in Playboy. At what point does enjoying all of those pleasures start taking precedence over kicking dirt in the faces of the Mets?

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