Double-Crossing Crowder: I Like Rex Ryan

A middle finger has brought Rex Ryan and Channing Crowder closer together

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David M. Hillenbrand/Getty Images

We know it's been cold in Miami, but has Hell really frozen over?

Arguably the most entertainning rivalry in the NFL just got really lame. Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder once said he would beat the hell out of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan in a fight.

Now, the two are on the fast track to becoming Facebook friends.

"Man, honestly, I'm starting to like the guy," Crowder told the Palm Beach Post after hearing about Ryan flipping the bird at some Dolphin fans over the weekend. "He’s silly. He’s goofy. He’s like a big kid...Rex is not a bad guy. I flip people off all the time. It’s fun.”

Sometimes all it takes is to find a little common ground to end a feud, like an obscene gesture, for which Ryan was fined $50,000

It wasn't long ago it looked like Ryan and Crowder were headed to an octagon to settle their differences with headlocks and hammer fists.

Before the season, Crowder called the Jets and Ryan the "OTA Super Bowl Champions" after the rookie head coach boasted about how his team was poised for a Super Bowl run before they ever took the practice field. Actually, turns out Ryan was darn close to correct.

But in true New York fashion, Ryan fired back at the underachieving linebacker and called him a "tatted up" nobody. Then Ryan said he'd shut Crowder's mouth himself if he wasn't so old or so overweight.

Those fighting words led to Crowder saying, "I'd have beat the hell out of that big old joker."

And Dolphin Nation cheered Crowder taking a stand against the Evil Green Machine and its new emperor. He even showed up and made a few tackles as the Dolphins swept the season series with the hated Jets.

Now, Crowder is on the verge of being voted off the island for revealing his secret love affair with Ryan. Even Ryan hinted at the budding friendship during the Pro Bowl practices last week when he joked the two would be headed to dinner and maybe a night club while he was in town.

At least Crowder still hates Leon Washington. We think. But would it really shock us if Washington showed up this Super Bowl week with his leg cast signed by Crowder?

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