Hang in There Jack: Jack in the Box Goes With Bizarre Super Bowl Commercial

Jack in the Box better hope its marketing team is up to something genius. Because they just spent about $3 million on a very bizarre (and possibly disturbing) Super Bowl commercial.

In the commercial that aired during the third quarter, "Jack" is struck by a bus while walking along the "Hope Street" crosswalk and trying to sell Jack in the Box food. The fast-food founder's body is crushed and his hat goes flying. We're then prompted to visit the Hang in There Jack Web site to check his condition.

The viral site is pretty bare bones. There are just a couple of videos and a dark banner ad that reads: "In lieu of sending flowers, please ORDER ANYTHING ON THE MENU, ANYTIME OF THE DAY, Jack would want it that way." And there's also a Twitter feed where you can follow Jack's status.

For those who have witnessed someone getting hit by a bus, I imagine this commercial seemed a little out of line. Streetsblog remarks: "... the fast food chain seems to be having way to good a time parodying what is a horrific tragedy that wee see way too often."

Viral marketing campaigns are all the rage, but you have to wonder if taking this kind of approach is really going to help them rack up sales in sirloin burgers and teriyaki bowls.

Grade: C

I really could care less about the status of Jack, and seeing a mascot get nailed by a bus doesn't make me crave fast food.

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