NBA Essentials: Tyson Feuds With Shaq!

Tyson Chandler
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-- "I want every single person that comes here to my blog to sign up for my Twitter feed ( I'm only 149,500 people away from Shaq! I was thinking about dissing Shaq on his Twitter. Something to make him come back to mine. That's how it happens on the street. I feel like when rappers start a beef that their album sales go up. So I'm going to start a beef with Shaq and maybe I'll get more Twitter hits." -- Tyson Chandler on (via BallerBlogger)

-- "We really don't reference the rulebook," says [NBA VP of Referee Operations Joe] Borgia. Where the rulebook says Wade, in our example, has to shoot or pass after taking just one step, Borgia says NBA referees work with the rule of thumb that such players are entitled to two steps. -- TrueHoop

-- "When we walked in for pre-game interviews last night, there were a couple of one-liners that caught our eyes. The first of which was a little diagram of the painted area with 'No Joe' written in there. [...] Number two was 'Bibby is struggling - keep him there.' And number three was, 'As funny as it sounds - don't let Pachulia make an impact.' " --

-- The Basketball Jones recorded Episode 400 (!) this morning.

-- "So, the Pistons are struggling, but do you think they'll work out their problems come playoff time?" "No," said Bill Laimbeer, as blunt as one of those elbows he threw in the 1980s as part of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys. "Their team is structured incorrectly. (Allen Iverson) is not the best defending guard, and guards got to be defenders these days. He's small. He's got a big heart, he still can score, but come playoff time, it's tough. It's the Eastern Conference, grind it out, and it's physical. It's going to be a hard road." -- Denver Post

-- "Superman or superd**kery? I'll let you be the judge. (But here's a hint: It was superd**kery.) I'm sure Shaq was acting out because Wade flopped...and you know how Shaq hates floppers." -- Basketbawful

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