“Grumpy” Kobe Bryant Good For Lakers

Kobe's kids think he's one of the dwarfs. And not Sneezy.

Saying Kobe Bryant is intense is like saying saying Paris Hilton is overexposed. It’s an understatement. The man’s focus is legendary.

But when the game is over and he is relaxing with teammates, Kobe can turn that off — he is quick with a smile will joke with teammates, friends and even the media.

Not now. Not in the last few days. Not in these NBA Finals where in game one not only did Kobe drop 40 points he displayed a new intense face complete with underbite.

And this is all carrying over to his home life.

“My kids are calling me Grumpy from the Seven Dwarfs,” Bryant said. “A grouch.”

In saying that he smiled. For a second. Then it was back to the short, clipped answers one normally sees from a guy who just lost an NBA Finals game, not won one by 25 points.

Around the halls of Staples Center, long-time Lakers personnel — people who have known Kobe for a decade or more an easily joke with him — are avoiding him right now. His on-the-court focus now is with him 24/7. And ratcheted up a few notches.

Based on what we saw in game one, that may be very good news for the Lakers. Just don’t try to give Kobe the good news right now.

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