Harris Healthy, But Morris to Stay Starter: Source

Stephen Morris will remain UM starter through the rest of the season

Randy Shannon has stuck to his guns when it comes to emphasizing Jacory Harris is his quarterback, but it looks like he may have finally run out of bullets.

Despite being cleared to practice, Harris will not be the starter Saturday in Miami's season finale against South Florida and freshman Stephen Morris will get the nod again, a source close to the situation told NBCMiami on Tuesday.

Shannon, who has said that Harris will be the starter as soon as he recovered from symptoms of a concussion he suffered against Virginia, has not publicly named a starter, but Morris was taking first-team snaps at practice Tuesday afternoon with a healthy Harris on the field.

The source, who did not want to be named because the coach had not commented on the issue, said Harris was told Monday night he would be the back up until further notice.

Shannon backed off his once-firm stance that Harris would be named the starter no matter what befoer Tuesday's practice.

"There's something people do not realize," Shannon said. "Jacory's cleared medically. But he's missed some time. We've got to get him back into it and everything. It's like anything, you've got to get both of them ready. Whoever has the best practice, that's who you go with."

The move would signal a couple of things. One, that Shannon is rewarding Morris for a job well done replacing Harris as the signal caller. The freshman went 2-1 and rejuvenated the Hurricane offense with his athleticism and strong arm.

Secondly, it shows that Shannon is willing to put his loyalty to Harris on the backburner for the good of the team.

The question remains, how will Harris, who has been the face of the program for the past two years, handle backing up a freshman and will this carry over into next season?

Harris will be a senior next year and Morris is only likely to grow in the offense as he continues to play.

The controversy just got suddenly real.

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