Smell Like an NFL Player

Proctor & Gamble to make "Official Locker Room Products of the NFL"

Procter & Gamble has paid a record amount to bring you the NFL-themed toilet paper you demand. And that's not all.

Products such as Gillette razors, Old Spice deodorant and Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo will now be part of the new marketing campaign where they, and other toiletries, will each be branded as an "Official Locker Room Product of the NFL," the Wall Street Journal reports.

The deal makes perfect sense for both sides, as the NFL looks to replace critical ad dollars lost amid the financial and auto collapse and P&G tries to recover after sales have dropped. The company reports a fourth quarter profit drop of 18%.

"The days of sporting leagues just looking to the beer and financial-services companies for sponsorship money is over," Greg Luckman, president of the sports and entertainment marketing team of research firm WPP, told the Journal.

In the deal, P&G will produce the NFL's officially toiletries the way Reebok is the official apparel maker and Coors Light is the official beer of the NFL. The company also plans to use the famed NFL logo on a wide range of products, like dish washing soap and room deodorizer.

It's a record deal for P&G, who already spend over $8 billion on global marketing, and $90 million in the U.S.

While the NFL and other professional sports leagues think outside the box to capitalize on new revenue, Luckman warns that too much advertising could backfire.

"If the league becomes too cluttered with lesser-known brands, blue-chip sponsors may feel that their deals will be devalued," he said.

The NFL has been trying to hammer out a deal with the household giant for the past three years.

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