Marshall's No. 19 is No. 16 — and Unofficially Official

According to what's on sale at, Brandon Marshall is the new Ted Ginn -- and the 16th-highest-selling jersey in spite of it

Don't think of it as Brandon Marshall being the new Ted Ginn so much as Ted Ginn being the old and replaced Brandon Marshall. Oh, wait, that doesn't really help, either.

Here's a tip: pretend Ted Ginn never happened.

Despite saying that his takeover of Ginn's old jersey number was only temporary, it appears the Dolphins' new $50 million man is going to stick with the possibly-cursed assignment for good.

The online NFL shop, which earlier gave notice that purchased Marshall jerseys "will not ship until the official number is issued," is now shipping out fresh new Reebok no. 19s with the name of the Beast splashed across the back.

So many of them, in fact, that Marshall's no. 19 Miami jersey is the 16th-highest seller on, a number that will likely go up once Miami fans scrub their brains free of that old no. 19.

“As of this point, [Marshall's] wearing No. 19,” Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene told the Sun-Sentinel.

The brou-haha over Marshall's number, such as it is, began shortly after he signed with Miami. Marshall had hoped to continue wearing no. 15 as he had in Denver, but that was already occupied by stage five clinger and upright citizen Davone Bess, whose very character is wrapped up in the 1 and 5.

So 19 it is, and as much as we hate for our smiley saviour to have any taint upon his glorious person, he might as well stick with it -- it's just a number, after all, and we've already forgotten Ted Gi...who were we talking about?

Janie Campbell is a Florida native who believes in the pro-set and ballpark hot dogs. Her work has appeared in irreverent sports sites around the internet.

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