Oh Deer! UM Great Accused of Eating Performance-Enhancing Antlers

NFL bans substance found in a spray derived from deer antlers

ray lewis deer split

This story is as weird as the recent deodorant commercials Ray Lewis stars in.

The scariest man in the NFL and former University of Miami star has been implicated in a drug scandal that involves body parts from a deer. Yes, deer!

Apparently, Lewis uses a mouth spray derived from the velvet on deer antlers from New Zealand that essentially works as a Fountain of Youth and keeps his body fresh and helps him recover after dishing out dozens of violent hits every week similar to how a performing enhancement drug like HGH would.

While the antler brew is derived from a natural substance, it contains IGF-1, a substance banned by the NFL, reports the Baltimore Sun. The deer antlers are also crushed up and put in capsules to be taken in pill form.

It's official: Athletes will do anything to get ahead. Boxers and baseball players have turned to their own urine for an edge, others have used teas and herbs, both illegal and allowed, but if the allegations are true, Lewis has gone buck wild.

The supplier of the deer spray, Mitch Ross, said he has provided 25 bottles of his youth-enducing brew to the All Pro linebacker in the past two years and has the text messages to prove it.

Lewis, a15-year veteran, had his best statistical seasons in six years in 2010 and didn't miss a game. He recorded 139 total tackles while leading the Baltimore Ravens' stingy defense.

Lewis, whose Ravens were knocked out of the playoffs last weekend, has not commented on the controversy, but he has never failed an NFL-sanctioned drug test.

But Yahoo! Sports claims the antler spray wouldn't be detected because it would be found in the blood stream and not the urine, which the NFL tests.

Cincinnati Bengals safety Roy Williams said he uses the spray also, which begs the question how many tough NFL players are turning to Bambi for a pick me up?

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