Shaq's House — Can You Dig It?

The former Heat player just reduced the price of his Star Island mansion

Call your mortgage broker, Shaq has just reduced the price of his Star Island manse from way too expensive to... still way too expensive.

29 mil to 22.5 mil, to be exact.

The Diesel bought the house -- which was originally built in '92 by another former Heat player, Rony Seikaly -- for 19 mil in '04 when he joined the Heat.

Annoyed with nosey jet skiers and those star-home boat tours constantly all up in his biz-naz, he put it on the market for 32 mil in 2005 and planned a move to Broward. Instead, he moved to Phoenix.

The property includes the standard mansion amenities: lots of bedrooms, an indoor basketball court, tennis court, six-car garage, dock, guest house, and, of course, a pool, which is emblazoned with a Superman logo.

But if you're thinking of moving in just so you can have dinner parties with Lenny Kravitz, you're out of luck. The too-cool-for-school rocker's digs are now for sale, too.


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