Wade Traded to the Nets, but Only in the Movies

Famous "actor" from Miami? Stephen Ross would like a word

We know what you're thinking:  yes, we do write about Dwyane Wade a lot.  If he buys a house, we're on it. If he orders a sandwich, well, we're on that, too.  Gets new shoes? Yep. Makes a band-aid, an investment, a gossip rag?  You know it.

That's because Wade's the most interesting athlete Miami's got.  In a flashy city that begs for a pop tart-dating Romo, we have a happily married Pennington. None of our wide receivers are broadcasting their thoughts on interracial dating live on the Internet; Pat White couldn't even hit a dog with a football, if practice reports are to be believed, much less electrocute a few and get caught. Even the Hurricanes can't get arrested.

So thank goodness for Wade, our own one-man blog fodder, who's doing his best to be the off-court entertainer befitting a city in which a Lamborghini is considered subtle.  And now we can add "movie star" to his recent resumé of litigious restauranteur, party hero, and  Presidential honoree: MV3 is in New York and New Jersey this week, going Hollywood with a film role.

Is there anything he can't do? 

Er, maybe pick scripts; this doesn't exactly sound like "Citizen Kane."  The film, "Just Wright," tells the story of an athletic trainer (Queen Latifah) who falls in love with her patient, an injured Nets player (rapper/actor Common). 

(Somewhere in Davie, Math Roth hopes this is a plausible plot.)

Wade plays an NBA baller along with Orlando’s Dwight Howard and the Nets’ Bobby Simmons, but don't get your hopes up, Wade told the rumor-hungry New York sports press.  "[New York's] a fun place to visit," he said, all but recoiling in horror at the thought of becoming a Knick.  "I'm not thinking about the Knicks or the Nets. Only when we play them."

It's the four hundredth time Wade has said essentially the same thing about his impending free agency, but it won't ever be old to Miami fans. "The plan has always been to stay with the Heat," he told the New York Times. "And that’s still the plan. I think everything will work out."

Well, maybe not the acting career.  We'll see what the Razzies have to say about that.

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