14-Year-Old Fakes Way Onto Chicago PD

Boy showed up in official uniform, arrested

A 14-year-old boy showed up for work as a Chicago police officer over the weekend, went out on part of a shift and ended up charged with impersonating an officer.

And he has reportedly done it before. 

Rev. Roosevelt Watkins, a South Side Minister who took in the 14-year-old for 11 months after the boy’s mother kicked him out of the house for being defiant, told a Chicago radio station he wasn't surprised.

Watkins told WBBM the teen was arrested in 2007 for impersonating a police officer and again last month at the Ford City shopping mall while wearing a police uniform.

On Sunday, Chicago Police say  the boy came dressed up in a regulation uniform and worked five hours of a shift at the Grand Crossing District police station.

He reportedly was able to get a police radio, ticket book and ride with an officer for several hours before being questioned by a sergeant who realized his true identity. Because the boy had been in a "police explorer" program where he shadowed officers, he was able to follow procedures with out being noticed.   

The department's internal affairs division is investigating.

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