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Peeling Car Paint Leads Woman to NBC 6 Responds

A South Florida woman says her car needs a new paint job after the original paint started to peel. 

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Judy Smith bought her 2016 Hyundai Sonata used four years ago.

“I have never had any major issues with it, and it is the second Hyundai I have owned, and I never had any issues with my prior on either,” Smith said. 

But this year she noticed the car’s paint was peeling off. 

“The paint is just chipping, it started in little spots all around the car,” Smith said.

She says slowly, the chipping turned into peeling, and several spots on the car were impacted. 

“I can’t even wash the car because I am afraid if I do, I am going to peel the entire car off,” Smith said. 

She says she went to the dealership where she bought the car and a dealership representative reached out to Hyundai Corporate. 

“He called me the next day and said Hyundai would only pay 75% of it, 25% would be my responsibility,” Smith says she was told. 

The 25% would equal roughly $625 dollars out of pocket for Smith. 

“How am I responsible for 25% of it?” Smith questioned. “I told him that is not acceptable, and that is when I reached out to NBC 6.” 

NBC 6 Responds found other Hyundai drivers complaining of similar issues online. 

One person wrote, “This happened to my 2017 quartz white pearl… Every time I drove, the paint kept peeling and it kept getting bigger.” Another driver stated, “I have a 2015 Sonata. My hood started peeling last year.” 

And peeling paint was the focus of a class action lawsuit filed back in 2016 against Hyundai. 

The suit alleged certain vehicle models were impacted by a “defect in the paint.” The lawsuit was later dismissed after a California judge found the allegations didn’t establish Hyundai knew of a widespread defect or tried to conceal it. 

NBC 6 Responds reached out to Hyundai about Smith’s issue and other similar complaints. In a statement, a company representative stated, “Hyundai strives to provide an excellent experience for all of our customers and regrets the issue Judy Smith had with the paint on her 2016 Hyundai Sonata. After reviewing her case in more detail, we have offered to cover the full cost of the paint repair.”

They went on to say, “A manufacturing issue with the paint on Hyundai vehicles is extremely rare and has only occurred in isolated incidents.” 

Smith is relieved she doesn’t have to pay to fix this problem, but she has this message for other drivers. 

“Do not give up, don’t let these big corporations bully you into thinking something is your fault when it is not your fault. Stand up and fight,” Smith said.  

Hyundai recommends that customers who have any issues with their Hyundai vehicles contact their Consumer Assistance Center at (800) 633-5151 or visit the Hyundai site.

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