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Name That Zoo! Metrozoo Becomes Zoo Miami Today

The animal attraction celebrates turning 30 this weekend



    Name That Zoo! Metrozoo Becomes Zoo Miami Today
    Metrozoo/Zoo Miami
    The newest Grevy's zebra made its debut on exhibit. Grevy's zebras are the worlds largest zebra's and are now an endangered species. Just like this zebra foal, all zebra babies are born with brown and white stripes that get darker as they age. All zebra foals can walk 20 minutes after birth and can run after only an hour.

    The Miami MetroZoo turns 30 this weekend (she doesn't look a day over 23), and to celebrate, the animal attraction will unveil its new name.

    Starting today, you'll be schlepping out-of-town guests and the kiddies to the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens. Or, Zoo Miami, for short.

    A resolution to change the name, which was passed by the county commission, said "the name Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens is more consistent with that of other leading world-class zoos and better encompasses the variety of flora and fauna found at Miami MetroZoo."

    Zoo communications director Ron Magill said he likes the change and felt the word "Metro" in the title was dated.

    It's somewhat of a big change for the zoo, which is a big draw with over 800,000 guests per year and is frequently ranked among the top ten zoos in the nation.

    Reactions on Facebook to the name change have been varied.

    "Sounds good to me. It isn't in Miami anyway and the new name is more descriptive of what it really is," wrote Larry Tomlinson Sr. on the "Today in South Florida" fan page.

    "The name Miami Metrozoo is known around the world.. why mess with something good," wrote Julia Graff.

    This weekend, help the zoo celebrate its new name and turning the big 3-0 with everything '80s -- music, a costume contest and $5 admission.

    The zoo is also asking residents to email their favorite zoo pics (the one of you in the Members Only jacket holding a wax gorilla figure, perhaps?) to

    Finally, take note of the zoo's new website, which will launch on July 4th.