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Airport Cover Up: Company Using Pasties Against Body Scanners

New product puts pasties on airline passenger's private parts



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    A combination of images shows an airport staff member demonstrating a full body scan at Manchester Airport in Manchester, north-west England, and a computer screen showing the results of a full body scan.

    Would a Miami International Airport worker have beaten his coworker to a pulp if his private parts weren't made the butt of jokes because of the new body  scanners?

    A Las Vegas company claims it has the solution for airport scanner-enduced assaults and undergarment embarrassment with "flying pasties," which are basically small plastic coverings passengers can wear that will protect their goodies from being X-rayed by the body scanners. says the thick rubber pasties block private areas from scanners and they even come with a little comic relief for TSA workers wondering why they aren't getting the full Monty.

    Some pasties for women read, "Only my husband sees me naked." Whether that's a true statement is irrelevant.

    Women can order a three-piece privacy enhancer, while men get a one-piece package protector. And fellas, it's a one-size fits all type of deal.

    Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Miami International recently installed body scanners to screen passengers so the company may find a solid customer base in South Florida.