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South Florida Cold Snap Winners and Losers

Invasive animals thinned out by cold weather



    South Florida's Cold Weather WInners and Losers

    There are pros and cons to the cold weather hitting South Florida. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    There are pros and cons to the cold weather hitting South Florida.

    For wildlife, the winners are the native animals which are used to cold snaps like the one we're experiencing, even though some critters at Miami's Wildlife Center had to be brought inside Tuesday night.

    The losers are non-native wildlife, especially reptiles like Tegus that have been invading South Florida. They, like pythons, die during prolonged cold snaps, the only things that seem to stop them. Iguanas really hate cold snaps and can literally fall out of trees.

    The cold weather seems to be an effective way to kill the invasive animals.

    "Well, we don't really like to look at it that way because we like to try and help any animal in need, however they are exotic so you could look at it as nature's way of cleansing itself," Wildlife Center veterinarian Dr. Antonia Gardner said.

    Cold snaps hit plants hard too - even native plants - so the pros say to throw blankets over your most prized.

    As for humans, tourists in Miami will always be happy no matter how cold it gets here, compared to where they're from, so they're winners. And local stores, especially those that sell hot beverages, are winning.

    "For the most part, it's hot chocolate. Everybody wants hot chocolate," Miami Dunkin' Donuts worker Stephanie Arroyade said.

    The only thing not doing well at the Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins shop: ice cream.