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Murder Suspect Goes on Expletive-filled Verbal Tirade in Bond Court



    Anton Hendricks, accused of second-degree murder, yelled his innocence to a Miami-Dade County court. (Published Monday, July 28, 2014)

    A man Miami-Dade Police arrested on a second-degree murder warrant last week let loose in bond court with a string of expletives as he denied he was involved in the case.

    Miami-Dade Police arrested Anton Hendricks, 34, for allegedly killing a woman and leaving her body in a grass field.

    The body of Gena James was found last October near Northwest 81st Terrace and Northwest 25th Avenue. Her body was spotted by a passerby next to a chain link fence in a grass field.

    Hendricks was arrested by Miami-Dade Police on July 24 for the crime. In his initial court appearance, he was initially quiet before screaming his innocence to the court.

    Judge Steven Lefman: “You’ve been advised by counsel not to say anything. I would advise you to do the same.
    Anton Hendricks: “This is *expletive* man. This is *expletive*. Because I’m *expletive* innocent. I’m innocent. It’s not *expletive* me. It’s not me. You’ve got the wrong person. I don’t know what that information that you got on the paperwork. It’s not *expletive* me though. IT’S NOT ME!”

    Hendricks continued to yell about his innocence to the court. Judge Lefman didn’t respond to Hendricks’ outburst, which continued.

    Hendricks: “I’m fighting for my *expletive* life. It’s not *expletive* me…..*expletive* (walks away)
    Judge Lefman: Information has been filed, a plea of not guilty has been entered. The matter will be sent down for trial.”

    Hendricks remains in jail on no bond.

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