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Elderly Woman Hits Pregnant Woman With Her Cane: Police

Nayade Romeo, 88, was arrested for aggravated battery.



    Flagler County Sheriff's Office
    Nayade Romeo

    A Palm Coast woman was arrested after she struck a pregnant woman with a cane.

    Nayade Romeo, 88, was charged with aggravated battery for hitting neighbors Melinda Smith, 34, and Scott Smith, 39, with her cane, according to a Flagler County arrest report.

    The victims told police Nayade began a confrontation with Scott Smith over a kid's sweatshirt that was lying in her swale. Romeo pushed the sweatshirt onto the street with her cane, sparking a verbal argument.

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    That's when Romeo allegedly took out her cane and started poking him in the chest and stomach with it.

    Melinda Smith, who is 34 weeks pregnant, ran out of the house after hearing the commotion and tried to separate the two, so Romeo started hitting her in the stomach as well, police said.

    Romeo was booked into the Flagler County Jail and released on $7,500 bond Tuesday.

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