Horrors of Fashion: Winkers

We'll chalk it up to a "creative idea gone wrong."

Winkers -- decorated pants that use the crease between your butt and thigh to create a "winking" visual while you walk -- may be one of the strangest design ideas we've seen, and believe us, we've seen lots of strange design ideas.

If you're thinking "great irony!" you're off base. Winkers are very real and expensive.

Want to order your own pair of "Lion in the Jungle" pants? That's only $569.00 on the official Winker's site. Need custom Winkers lingerie? They're working on it. Want to vote on which design is your favorite? Oh, yes, you can do that, too.

We don't want to belittle the innovative idea or the pretty well done execution (seriously, those ducks open and shut JUST RIGHT), but we're completely perplexed on where they came up with such high-prices and delusions of licensing the idea.

We urge you, people, do not destroy your chances of reproduction by wearing these.

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