NiteTalk: Cesar Morales Puts the Wood in Wynwood

Wood R

There's no neighborhood more right now that Wynwood. Scene of nightspots and eateries and more art than even Basel can contain, the 'hood has become a hotspot unto itself. Now Wynwood has even more goin' for it, and it's name is Wood Tavern. Owner Cesar Morales fills us in..

What's the big idea behind Wood Tavern? To be the local bar that everyone goes to for a drink. To be friendly, affordable and timeless.

How does it differ from other bars?
I think Wood is a true bar. A lot of places turn into a "lounge" or "club" turn up the music, charge a cover etc. Wood does not charge a cover and we want people to be able to have a conversation while having a drink.

Who all is in on the action with you? I am the sole owner, but I have a good supporting staff, including Jesse Nogi, who is the bar manager.

Why did you decide to open in Wynwood? The vibe is just right. It doesn't feel like a strip mall and its full of creative people.

Is that also the basis for the name? Yes, Wood comes from WynWOOD.

Will Wood be hosting any art-specific events? Right now we are still working on our programming but yes, we most definitely want to be embrace our surroundings and do things that are for the neighborhood.

Any other kinda action you'd like to mention? We are always updating our facebook page so people should "like" the page to get updates on what's going on

What days and times is Wood open anyway?
  Right now we are open Wednesday-Sunday and we are seeing the foot traffic and seeing what makes the most sense. We've only been open two weeks so we are still testing many things out.

Wood Tavern is loaced at 2531 N.W. 2nd Ave Wynwood.

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