NiteTalk: Pearl Jam Still Selling Out Theaters — Now In Miami

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Last night's screening of Pearl Jam 20 sold out so fast, one might've thought it was '90s all over again. Some folks taking in the "big themes and bold colors and blistering sound" found in Cameron Crowe's tribute to Seattle's accidental rock stars undoubtedly wished that it were. Lucky for them (and us) the good folks at Miami International Film Festival decided to add six more screenings. MIFF's Andres Castillo gives Niteside the lowdown.

Congrats on last night's sell-out screening. How did it go? Thanks. The screening was fantastic, The audience certainly enjoyed the film.  It's not every day that you get such an emotional thrill-ride of a film featuring the legendary rock band Pearl Jam and the amazing talents of director Cameron Crowe.

What's the buzz for the nights you had to add to the run?
We started getting phone calls and emails immediately after announcing that the Miami International Film Festival was going to be presenting the film at the Tower Theater.  PJ 20 is definitely on my top 5 best films of 2011.

How fast did that initial screening sell-out anyway? If I remember correctly, all tickets were gone within a week!  We had to add a second screening of the film in order to keep up with the demand and we soon sold out of that one as well!

How'd MIFF end up with their mitts on such a hot property? Secrets of the trade... I can tell you that this is what MIFF is all about, and that we are all working extremely hard to connect to a wider audience, and this film was a great vehicle for us to reach out to that demographic.

For the few who don't yet know, what's the flick's story? PJ 20 follows the story and history of Pearl Jam through their 20 year career.  Their highs and lows are all documented in this film.  Director Cameron Crowe has been a long time friend of the band since even before its inception.  He also incorporates footage from other filmmakers and friends of the band.  This documentary is as real and personal as anything I have ever seen.  This is not only Pearl Jam's story, but also our story, the music of our lives.

Would you call it a great big cinematic gift to Pearl Jam fans everywhere? Yes, I would call it a great cinematic achievement in rock documentary history.  Pearl Jam fans will be delighted by the film, they will be able to relive the moments that mattered to them the most, whether it was Pearl Jam's first album or MTV's Unplugged, their live shows, etc. It's all here.

Is there any other upcoming MIFF action we need to know about before we go? Yes, we have the Recent Cinema from Spain Festival, a four-day Spanish film extravaganza celebrating the diversity and vitality of contemporary Spanish Cinema. Nightly red carpet events with filmmakers and talent in attendance at each screening. Festival dates are October 20-- 23, at the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center.

Pearl Jam 20 Friday Sept. 23, 9:15pm, Saturday Sept. 24 6:40pm, Sunday Sept. 25 5:15 & 7:45pm, Tuesday Sept. 27 9:15pm and Wednesday Sept. 28, 9:15pm at The Tower Theater 1508 SW 8th Street Miami

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