Decide Which Mags Live and Which Ones Die

Amid the great die-off of magazines, you get to vote: Which ones should stay, and which should go?

We're still wearing black for Domino, the shelter rag that announced just last week that it was folding as of its March issue, and now we hear rumors of more magazines getting the ax at megapublisher Condé Nast -- specifically, the reaper may be coming for longtime beauty title Allure.

Now that we've officially entered the realm of the absurd, so why not make it democratic and vote on which magazines deserve to live? And who better to wrangle a rousing game of Print Idol than Gawker?

Head over here to vote for the Condé Nast titles you think should be spared. Vote early and often! Poll closes today at noon. It won't make a whit of difference to these titles' fates, but it'll feel democratic.

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