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Report: AT&T Eyeing Merger With DirecTV



    Report: AT&T Eyeing Merger With DirecTV

    Another major media merger may be in the works. According to Bloomberg News, AT&T is in advanced talks to acquire DirecTV for roughly $100 a share, or approximately $50 billion.

    Bloomberg reported the deal would entail DirecTV continuing to operate, but would become a division of AT&T. The telecom giant would combine AT&T’s wireless, phone, and high-speed broadband with a national satellite provider.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the two companies have previously tried to work out a merger, but the talks failed multiple times. DirecTV also attempted to merge with its satellite competitor, Dish Network, but that deal was not allowed by government regulators.

    What has changed this time is the announced plans by Comcast to purchase Time Warner Cable for $45 billion. The deal, if approved by government regulators, would create one of the largest cable/Internet service providers in the nation. (Note: Comcast is the parent company of NBC/Universal)

    Another appealing element for AT&T, according to Bloomberg, is the planned expansion of DirecTV in Latin America. AT&T would also get access to DirecTV’s exclusive content like the NFL Sunday Ticket and other items like multi-room DVR’s according to Bloomberg.

    What’s not known is how a potential merger would impact AT&T’s television service, UVerse. Any potential deal would have to be approved by antitrust regulators and that’s not guaranteed.