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White Tea Secret Out of the Bag

Study says tea may help you shed pounds and prevent cancer



    White Tea Secret Out of the Bag
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    White tea is the new green tea.

    For hundreds of years, the Chinese have kept the incredible benefits of white tea under wraps, but now, the secret is out.
    A new study published by the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism says the herbal wonder may be a miracle brew.

    Not only does it increase your metabolism and prevent new fat cells from forming, it may also help prevent cancer, improve your skin and fight other signs of aging, according to the study.

    South Florida fitness experts and customers are raving about the weight loss benefits.

    "You can lose up to one pound a week," fitness expert Robert Vasquez, with NutritionSmart in Pembroke Pines, said. I definitely suggest white tea for losing weight compared to the other tea. It's three times more effective."

    Some experts say if you drink four cups of white tea a day and change nothing about your diet, you can lose between four to eight pounds in a year. With 32 percent of Americans categorized as obsese, people may be putting down the green and picking up the white.

    White tea comes from the same plants as green tea, but it is less processed. White tea is more effective, according to the study, because its ingredients are active on human cells and it contains a high concentration of antioxidants.

    "I will definitely continue with my green tea and drink white tea too," shopper Vivian Zaila said. "I can drink both the same day."