Gym Wants to Turn You From Flab to Fit in 30 Flat

Crunch's new Explosive 30 class gets you in and out in half an hour

Crunched for time? 

If that's your exercise excuse, Crunch Gym on South Beach now has a past-paced, half-hour-long class called Explosive 30, “and you're going to get in and out and burn a bunch of calories, feel great about yourself and be done with your workout,” instructor Roya Siroospour promised.

She created this intense interval workout, in which there are eight different exercise stations. Participants spend one minute at each station, and go around three times.

“Everyone's going to rotate to the left and wait for me to tell you to start. 3...2...let's go!” Siroospour shouted above the loud music. 

“Super tough. I didn't feel my legs for a while, and I run every day at the beach,” said Orieta Maranon, who said she thought she was in good shape until she took this class. 

There's a lot of jumping involved, but there doesn't have to be, Siroospour said. 

As if to emphasize Maranon's point, Siroospour shouts, “You're going to bang this out, you guys, and have nice firm booties!" 

“At the beginning of the class, I always ask what people's limitations are. Are you pregnant, do you have any injuries, is it your first time at the gym? Then I give you variations that are a low impact version.”

 Reema Ishteiwy likes getting down to business so she can get back to work.

“I have a very busy schedule like most people, so it's nice to come in, not waste time get your stretch get what you need and get out.  As you can see, I'm short of breath. Got my cardio, high resistance, so it makes you feel good.”

The class takes place at Crunch on Washington Avenue, Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. You don't have to be a member to take the class, and it's $15.

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