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6 Things to Know: Woman Gives Mom the Gift of Life, New Video Brings New Clues in Mass Shooting

It’s Thursday, June 3rd - and NBC 6 has the top stories for the day

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It’s Thursday, June 3rd - and NBC 6 has the top stories for the day.

No. 1 - Gunmen in cars are shown exchanging gunfire while speeding through a northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood in new doorbell camera footage.

It's hard to count exactly how many gunshots flew down Northwest 68th Street Tuesday evening because so many were fired at once, but Miami-Dade Police believe it was over 20. Two or three vehicles were involved in the incident, which can be clearly seen and heard in Ring camera footage. In the video, a car is seen speeding down the street followed by a silver SUV, with someone hanging out the window shooting at the first car. Witnesses said they saw the cars speed by their homes. To see the video, click here for the story from NBC 6 reporter Marissa Bagg.

No. 2 - The manhunt is intensifying for the gunmen responsible for Sunday's mass shooting outside a Miami-Dade banquet hall as a new video has investigators looking into whether another group of shooters may have been involved.

The video shows a different angle of the shooting outside the El Mula banquet hall that left two people dead and more than 20 others injured. It appears to show a second car that may have been involved in the attack that sent the crowd outside the banquet hall running for cover amid a hail of bullets. In a brief statement Wednesday, Miami-Dade Police said they were aware of the video and investigating the possibility of multiple shooters. To see the video and hear the message county leaders want residents to hear, click here for the story from NBC 6 investigator Willard Shepard.

No. 3 - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a $101.5 billion budget Wednesday after vetoing $1.5 billion, including $1 billion in federal money for an emergency response fund he said had strings attached that made it unusable.

DeSantis held a bill signing ceremony at a New Smyrna Beach restaurant and used the event to boast about his response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying fully opening Florida to business early helped the economy rebound faster and stronger than expected. Even with the vetoes, the budget is more than $9 billion above the current state spending plan. The budget year starts July 1. DeSantis also vetoed $350 million in federal relief money that was to be put in the state's rainy day fund for future emergencies.

No. 4 - Feeding South Florida has helped provide meals for over 700,000 people in our area and almost 1.5 million people at the height of the pandemic, but now they’re at risk of losing a major contract, which could impact their services. 

For over 20 years, Feeding South Florida has been awarded a contract called The Emergency Food Assistance Program. However, this year the Florida Department of Agriculture favored another unidentified organization for the grant. The nonprofit says they won’t be closing their doors, but they need these funds to allow them to keep helping families put food on the table, especially as they’re still recovering from the hardships of the COVID-19 crisis. Click here for the story from NBC 6 reporter Amanda Plasencia.

No. 5 - After more than a year of the pandemic turning schools upside down, many children are facing unprecedented stress. 

Now the Miami-Dade County school district is enlisting its own police force to help spot and help the kids who need professional intervention. Whether it’s anxiety or depression or something else, the modern School Resource Officer builds a rapport with dozens of students. With the proper training, they can be equipped to spot behavioral changes which may signal that a child needs professional intervention. Click here for the story from NBC 6 reporter Ari Odzer you will see Only on 6.

No. 6 - Heydi Lima gave her mother, Iris Blanco, the ultimate Mother's Day gift -- the gift of life.

She gave her mother a part of her liver for a transplant after she became seriously ill. Doctors say Blanco was not a priority on the list and would take her months find a liver donor. Lima was convinced there was another way to get her mom a transplant. She then found the Cleveland Clinic Living Donor Program. Click here for the story of love and support in a report from NBC 6’s Marcine Joseph.

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